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Hello, I am a junior developer and I encountered difficulties creating my site with Nuxt. I want to share in this article the different steps I followed to create my Nuxt project. I use Sass, Fontawesome, nuxt-link, add image... Hope it can help someone.

Get started

Open your terminal and write :

 npx create-nuxt-app medium-nuxt

Then configure the project :

Terminal : project configurations
Terminal : project configurations

Go to your project :

cd name-of-your-project

To see the project in a browser :

yarn dev

Then go on this link : http://localhost:3000/

Create a component

To create a Header component, the basic structure of a vue component (vue 2)is : template, script and…


New in developpment. I want to learn about Javascript, React and Vue. I try to improve myself 🚀

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